About us

Are you looking to get back into shape but can’t seem to find the motivation? Or maybe keeping fit hasn’t been your thing in the past but your lifestyle has caught up with you. Whatever your reasons for deciding to get active, eat well and live healthily, you’re in the right place to get started.

Hi, I’m Jason Cooper and I’m here to help you lead a healthier lifestyle. I’ll help you celebrate each small success and not let setbacks stop you. I want to provide you with great value and results when you become a member of Perkspiration.

Our Story

Perkspiration was born out of my own experience of finding myself out of shape. I was working a physically demanding job that kept me fit but that all changed when I transferred to a less active but more stressful job. I started to gain weight from stress-related eating and a lack of exercise. I didn’t really notice it until one day I was passing a mirror. I was surprised to see a fat guy.

I read everything I could get my hands on about health, nutrition, and exercise. I tried a variety of plans but always lacked the motivation to see them through. As I learned more about human performance, I discovered the simple concept of rewarding the good and forgetting the bad. I set up a series of milestones for myself with rewards for reaching them.

The milestones were micro-goals, such as: Today I’m going to eat vegetables for a snack instead of chips. My reward was a star on the calendar – yes, even adults need encouragement! If I accomplished 10 micro-goals in one week, I rewarded myself by going to a movie or buying a book.

I noticed that these micro-goals were habit-forming and many of my unhealthy habits were being replaced by healthy ones. Next thing I realized is the guy in the mirror was not quite so fat.
I used my years of experience in the Canadian Forces and what I had learned on my own personal fitness journey to create Perkspiration – an online exercise, diet and wellness hub. I have teamed with several companies who believe like I do that rewarding healthy lifestyle choices will lead to many more. Better than a movie or book as motivation, they are providing products and services which our members can earn through hard work, healthy living, and wellness.

Our Team

You’re in good hands here at Perkspiration. We have a team of qualified personal trainers and nutrition advisers who create our fitness and nutrition plans. We are all dedicated health and fitness enthusiasts who know the challenges of fitting exercise and healthy eating into your daily routine. Whether your main goal is to get fit, improve strength, or lose weight, we have plans and rewards to guide and motivate you.

Jason Cooper has 15 years of experience as a training officer in the Canadian Forces with a focus on fostering human performance.

Faye Chapman is a personal trainer and sports nutrition advisor based in the UK but working with clients around the world.

Megan Lieu is a NASM certified personal trainer, competitive powerlifter, and NPC bikini bodybuilder based in the U.S.

Join a motivational community here at Perkspiration and we will help you achieve the results you want.

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