2 May 2018

There’s something truly special about having friends in life. Things that you normally wouldn’t like to do alone, suddenly become appealing and interesting in their company. Why? Because friends know how to push you, inspire you, and basically motivate you to get out of your comfort zone in a way that no one else can for you. This is why when you’re looking for a constant source of exercise motivation in your life, there’s nothing better than keeping fit friends close by. Here’s why you’re more likely to get motivated to exercise if you have fit friends in your social circle:

1. Their Fit Lifestyle Will Rub Off On You

Friends who are fit and healthy know the importance of being so in the long run. Working out and eating clean is a part of their lifestyle, not just a hobby that they’ve picked on. Having such friends around, who are effortlessly dedicated to exercising and make it all seem so simple, can definitely be the exercise motivation you need.


2. They’ll Always Be Ready to Help You

Hit a weight loss plateau? Or can’t get an exercise form right? You can always call your friend to your rescue. While trainers and nutritionists have their own places, you’re more likely to rely on the opinion of a close friend whom you trust. Besides, if you ever need to rant or complain about the pains of working out, your fit friends will be there to lend an ear for that too!

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3. You’ll Feel Challenged In a Healthy Way

Competing with random people you see in the gym or on social media can leave you stressed about your own workouts. But it’s much less stressful when you find healthy competition in a good friend. Watching your friends push it hard in the gym, you’ll not only get motivated to exercise, but you’ll also be encouraged to keep upping your game with every gym session.

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4. They’ll Get You Out Of Tough Spots

Working out doesn’t yield instant results. It can be months before you start seeing any visible changes. This makes it easy to lose exercise motivation along the way and fall back to the old ways. But your fit friends will never let you give up on working out and on your overall fitness goals.

5. You’ll Keep Learning New Things From Them

Because none of us can claim to be absolute experts in the science of working out, it’s good to have people around who are likely to keep adding on to your current knowledge. Whether it’s a new scientific study and research related to an exercise or a new trending workout routine, you’re likely to learn about all those from your fitness enthusiast friends.

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