21 April 2019

You walk into the gym all pumped up with some great workout motivation, this time you’re really going to crush leg day. You walk up to the squat rack and there you see somebody about your size just killing it with a weight way beyond what you can lift. All of a sudden your motivation just flies out the window. You start to think you’ll never be able to lift that weight why even bother with the workout. You no longer want to be at the gym you, it has become a place that intimidates you instead of encourages you.

It’s your leg day and you’re excited to get an awesome workout in. But then you see someone with a build almost same as yours squatting with 200 lbs of weight, and then you look at your weight for squats which is a little over 130 lbs. The difference hits you hard; you feel disappointed with the weight that you’re lifting and you lose all that workout motivation.

What happened here? Self-doubt crept in! You started doubting your own strength and fitness level when you compared yourself to someone else. This is just one of the many ways self-doubt can creep up in your fitness and wellness journey. The motivation to get in shape is challenged by self-doubts in several different ways. You may refuse to even attempt an exercise because you think it’d be too hard for you. You may not try a diet challenge thinking that you’d never be able to keep your food cravings under control. It’s natural to get these self-doubts, now and then, but it’s important to not let them take over your entire destroy your motivation to diet and workout.

Here are some effective tips for dealing with the annoying crippling self-doubts once and for all, and to consistently keep up with the stay motivated to get in shape:

  • Compete Only With Yourself

Don’t pit yourself against the random people you see in the gym, the fitness models you see on Instagram or magazine covers, or anybody else. Unhealthy comparisons with other people breed self-doubts. You do a disservice to yourself every time you make such unfair comparisons. Your focus should be solely to become a better version of your own self. It is okay to get inspired when you see other people reaching their diet and fitness goals, but don’t turn this inspiration into a comparison and competition.

  • Change the Way You Think

Agreed Obviously this is easier said than done. But self-doubt originates in the mind and it’s in the mind where you can defeat these thoughts in their initial stage. Next time you feel apprehensive about signing up for a diet challenge because your mind’s telling you that you can’t give up unhealthy food, find the determination to sign up for the challenge anyway thinking that even though you might have set-backs you will still make progress and all forward progress no matter how small will lead to success. failure is possible, success is also just as much possible.

diet challenge

  • Seek the Company of Positive People

If you have negative people around you, who keep telling you that you can’t succeed in your fitness goals, at some point you’ll accept their word as truth and start doubting your capabilities. This is why it is important that you keep only positive people around yourself; people who motivate you to do better, people who have complete faith in your abilities, people who lift you up when you’re feeling discouraged, and people who appreciate and respect your struggles.

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We all face moments of self-doubt and it can be the thing that stops us from achieving our health and fitness goals. Use these tips to help you overcome that self-doubt and work towards being the best version of you possible.

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